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Uttara Project
Bashundhara Project
A real estate company established in 2009 to mitigate the residential problems throughout the country. Praasad Group of Companies realized the demand of Middle Class people of Dhaka City as well as the demand throughout the country, and subsequently formed this venture to  serve the Upper Middle Class and Middle Class people for their apartment and housing demand.

The demand for constructing of residential projects on small area of land such, as on 5-7 Katha, is increasing both on vacant land and land with existing building (old fashioned or old age). Due to cost of constructions and  other related hazards in construction, the middle and upper class people are becoming highly dependent on the developers to make their dreams come true.

Abashan Nirman is aimed to cater this support to this class people and thus to contribute in mitigating the housing problem of Dhaka dwellers as well as  for the nation. In this case the apartment sizes are expected within 720 sft to 1440 sft to make it affordable to the target group.
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