Message From Chairman

Praasad Group of Companies started its journey with RMG export in 1994 and made its foray into real estate and construction business in the year 1996. Operating for over two decades, the Group eventually achieved a prime position in the forefront of the real estate and construction industry of Bangladesh. The success of this journey can be attributed to the dedicated and concerted efforts of our technical personnel and professionals, combined with overwhelming cooperation and goodwill from all our friends and business associates at home and abroad.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and on my part as the Chairman of Praasad Group of Companies, I take this privilege to present before you a general portrait of the companies, depicting glimpses of our contribution in real estate sector and construction activities as well in Bangladesh’s economic development.
We believe that our relationship with all our business associates and government and semi government authorities will grow further and will contribute further to nation building activities.

chairman of northern group
Prof. Dr. Abu Yousuf Md. Abdullah

Praasad Group Companies