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    Praasad Nirman Ltd.   
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v Praasad Shandha
v Praasad Bilaash
v Praasad Baivab
v Praasad Lake Valley
v Praasad Bivaas
v Praasad Kunjo
v Praasad Proshanti
v Praasad Baishakhi
v Praasad Sraboni
v Praasad Labiba
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v Praasad Trade  Center
v Praasad Trade Valley
v World Business Centrum
A prominent and well reputed real estate company in operation since 1996. With 12 years experiences already handed over more than 30 real estate products which includes luxurious residential complex and top notch commercial establishment, primarily focused on serving the upper end client segment having business interest in both Capital city Dhaka and port city Chittagong.

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info@praasadgroup.com                   Praasad Trade Centre, 6, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh                Tel: 88 02 8810053, 88157709, 8817297
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